Sunday, 8 April 2012

Place des arts and Angignon Park

Today i checked out the Place des arts. Spectacles a Montreal. It's essentially just a big theatre/museum building. After taking a few happy snaps there we made our way down to the old port to walk along some cobble streets and check out some of the local shops. We found an Indian shop which had stuffed and skinned animals which was super intense as well as a Crepes restaurant which literally made my mouth water.

After I had seen enough cobble streets we made our way via metro to Angrignon park with a few beers. We stumbled upon some 'hangout' with a burnt chair and a shit load of finished alcohol bottles. Seemed like a good place to open a beer. Then finally Verdun to eat the best Vietnamese I've ever had. Peep the photos...


  1. That park looks like a good place for a murder. creepy.

  2. Saw a you tube of Poutine - gross!!!!

  3. It's not gross. but i haven't had a good one yet. It's actually quite bland.