Monday, 29 July 2013

Power outage

Orchha is a huge change of pace. We stayed in a small village on a farm with a family of eight. Mukesh is the man of the house. He lives with his grandfather and mother, his wife, three children and a dog. It was an absolute delight to spend time exploring the temples and ancient architecture. Tom and I walked along a path beside a wall that leads up to what could be a religious kind of shrine which featured a 360 degree view of the city of orchha and surrounding farms and plains.

One day when we had walked in to town to get some lunch and climb to the top of one of the temples, we were caught in a monsoonal downpour. Village people and mountain goats ran for cover but I couldn't be happier. Being drenched in rain is not only refreshing, its also a free shower and laundry visit. Score...

The water buffalo also looked pretty happy when the rain came. One thing I have noticed and loved is how the buffalo and cows seem to think standing and sleeping in the middle of a busy road is a great idea. Drivers don't seem to mind in the slightest so maybe they're on to something. When we got back to the village we played some cricket with mukesh and his boys and then sat down for a thali and chai. At this point my stomach was trying to keep up with all the new experiences so I tried to keep it minimal.

Orchha was a good change of pace but at the same time I was looking forward to moving on to kujaraho and visiting the Kama sutra statues and waterfalls.

Tip of the day - don't let villager girls tie bracelets on your wrists!


  1. I love the tip of the day, but have to wonder why...
    And a monsoon as a free shower and laundry...something only a young man could think up! Wonderful!
    You two have such a great attitude about your travels.

  2. Idea for photos on your posts.
    Find them on the internet and download - give credit though.
    Big cricket fans in India!

  3. Re the bracelet thing - omg are you married now?!
    Also, why power outage?

  4. Ha I love the cryptic titles of the blog entries. Even though I know what your on about arf the time. PUT SOME PICS UP EEEEEK even if you have to go to an internet café and upload them. Even though it will make me insanely jealous that you're in me motherland and I'm in rainy cold Melbourne. Even then.