Thursday, 5 September 2013

I survived India

A month and a half traveling around India and I'm still alive. To be honest, I believe India is a much more travel friendly country then it is given credit for. Firstly its cheap and travel (although at times can be complex and downright annoying), always offers multiple alternatives for all budgets. Secondly, there are tourist buildings placed on most streets in all cities. English is almost spoken more often then Hindi or other native languages. Its been a pleasure writing bits and bobs from my time in India for who ever wants to read it and I am happy that I will be able to read back and remember being scammed by men with fantastic beards, getting jumped on by Indian kids wanting ice cream and being wowed by the pure epic proportions of the taj mahal. I hope those who have read and traveled along with me have also enjoyed my silly stories and half arsed explanations of the cities and villages I have visited. When i return home i will be compiling the insane amount of footage i've managed to accumulate and turning it into a montage of my india leg. So look out for that. .

A while ago, I mentioned that India was the beginning of my trip and I would be continuing on to south america beginning with Argentina. That's actually happening! I'm in a city called salta right now. My next blog entry will take you to Buenos Aires where I begin my south american adventure. So... Seeya then.

- I survived India and I deserve a medal. Thanks for reading.


  1. And thanks for Blogging - we get to travel side by side. Man of the house